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Was the Aurora Batman murderer a gamer?

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Once again the world’s eye is on yet another mass murder that has taken place half way across the world and once again the world is questioning how this is possible and what drove someone to walk into a movie theatre and gun down hordes of innocent people…

Now I’m as intrigued as everyone about this and have been following the story as closely as my weekend allowed, so far no one has a clue about why James Holmes walked into a movie theatre on Thursday night and gunned down a bunch of people but the one thing I did notice was in this article by the BBC.

They were doing a profile on him and have dug up that he’s very intelligent, socially awkward, played football, into video games, quiet, wore camouflage, into video games.. no I’m not stuttering it was mentioned twice in the same article as if the fact that it’s odd that an intelligent shy person would be playing video games.

They do then go on to say he managed to acquire 4 weapons and over 6000 bullets in the months leading up to the attack which to me is a bit more of an issue than what online games he played but I’ll absolutely guarantee that this isn’t going to be the last time that someone links his maniacal killing to him being a gamer, I’m sure I recall Duke Nukem having a level set in a cinema so it’s obviously Duke’s fault that he massacred people.

On a related side note, if James was muslim or black this would be called terrorism or typical gang violence. However since he’s white and christian then it’s obviously a mental illness. The hypocrisy in this world is astounding.


No sooner had I hit publish and I came across a story about how a criminal profiler on CNN has placed some of the blame on gaming

Last Updated: July 23, 2012

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