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Was the GTA “Hot Coffee” scandal manufactured?

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GTA was always a popular game but what made it become a god amongst games was when it came to light that Rockstar had hidden a Hot Coffee mod in GTA San Andreas which allowed you to have sexual liaisons with your girlfriend.

The scandal was huge, house wives and politicians everywhere were horrified to find out little Jimmy was virtually dipping his stick when they thought he was simply running around a virtual world robbing, mugging and killing everything in sight.

The whole things a joke really but what’s even better is that it has come to light that Rockstar may have hired a publicist to ensure this scandal didn’t go unnoticed.

Max Clifford, the publicist to the stars and anyone with their name in the papers really, was apparently hired by Rockstar to keep the game in the limelight. According to a report in the Sunday Times (the one in the UK) Max tapped up a bunch of politicians by dropping this news casually to them knowing they would then pick it up and pass it on to more influential people ensuring the scandal would hit the news in a big way.

CVG gave Max a call and while he won’t confirm that it is true he also won’t deny it. Incredibly he is simply stating that he can’t remember but it sounds like something he would do and if the newspaper claims he did it then it must be true.

So what do you think, is this a dodgy move on the side of Rockstar or just another form of marketing? Is it any worse than inviting the media to a fancy launch party hoping to give them a positive view of your product?

Last Updated: October 23, 2012

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