Was the new Destiny DLC already developed in 2013?

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Can you hear that? That deep rumbling sound emanating from the Internet? Well it’s because there is a storm brewing because apparently the latest Destiny DLC was showcased in a Destiny video from 2013.

So let’s get the messy facts out of the way, here is the latest teaser trailer for the The Reef area that’s party of the House of Wolves DLC.

The offending section starts at around 12 seconds where we get to see the new social area that is coming in the new DLC.

And then here is a feature trailer from February 2013 where a very similar area is shown at 1:23 in the video.

For ease of comparison here are the two one after each other. The first is from the 2013 trailer while the second is from the new DLC.



The issue was first pointed out by Tom Phillips from Eurogamer via his twitter feed.

There is a debate on whether the areas are the same or not and I’d love to hear your opinion on that but I have a different opinion entirely.

When Destiny was first announced we were promised a 10 year, multi-product and an ever expanding universe. With such a large plan up front it is obvious that the team would have already prepared an outline of the main story arc and would have started working on pieces in that. The idea that they had already prepped some of the Reef before deciding it wasn’t going to make the cut for the first iteration of the game isn’t scandalous.

The game was always going to be a 10 year epic franchise, with multiple bits of DLC. This was never obfuscated. The other option would have been to give the game away for free and charge a monthly subscription but they decided on this model.

Whether we like the model or not really isn’t being questioned here. Bungie are providing exactly what they promised in the beginning and that rumbling storm approaching really is just a storm in a tea-cup.

Destiny was never promised as a singular experience. I can absolutely promise you that they are currently developing parts of Destiny that we won’t see in the next DLC as Bungie have a long-term plan and that is how long-term planning works. So that’s my take on it, if you disagree please feel free to elaborate why in the comments below.

Also Bungie if you read this, please make it possible for me to pay to level my guy up to level 26 so I can go on raids. I find the grind boring.

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Last Updated: April 23, 2015

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