Watch Dogs 2 ad leaks before official reveal livestream

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Thanks to a few timely leaks (feel free to put that word in inverted commas if you’re that sort) we already know that Ubisoft will be showing off a sequel to Watch_Dogs at E3 next week. I’m one of the few who really, really enjoyed the first game.

It may have had a protagonist who had the personality and emotional range of a pumpkin, but it also had some mechanics – rooted in improbable techromancy as they were – that made it really fun to play. So then, I’m one of the perhaps few people who’re really keen to see what Ubisoft manages with a sequel – in the hopes that they have a more interesting lead character, some better general gameplay and a city that feels a little more alive than the digital Windy City did.

We know that this time the game is set in San Francisco and stars a different antihero – and more details are expected through a livestream today that’s supposed to go up at 5PM UK Time. It seems that another leak has happened, this time through Twitch. A trailer for the game seems to have gone live prematurely, showing a little more of what you can expect in the sequel.

There’s no real gameplay shown in the trailer, which is capped (unfortunately) at a blurry 360p and set to N.E.R.D’s “Spaz.” I have to say though, that this doesn’t give me a very good first impression.

We’ll see more of the game later today – and, I suspect, a lot more still at E3 next week.

Last Updated: June 8, 2016

Geoffrey Tim

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