Watch Dogs 2 leaked by a CV?

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I actually rather enjoyed Watch Dogs – though I think that may have a lot to do with how I played that game as a sneaky cyber assassin, more than it had to do with the game itself. The game had a lot of promise – especially following that amazing E3 reveal – only about half of which was ever realised. It just felt like the game could be so much more. Maybe that’ll happen in the sequel.

While it hasn’t been officially announced, we’ve always suspected Ubisoft had set the game up to be a franchise. Producer Jonathan Morin has previously waxed lyrical about the potential a sequel could have, and how it could fix the game’s problems. In terribly shocking news, a Ubisoft staffer seems to have leaked such a sequel through his CV.

“Julien Risse, who works at Ubisoft’s Paris studio, lists the unannounced sequel on his LinkedIn profile alongside earlier titles Watch Dogs and its DLC Bad Blood, but doesn’t offer any hints as to when we may see it,” say the delightful chaps at

Well, oops. I suspect Ubiboss Yves Guillemot is busy giving Risse a French tongue-lashing (which isn’t as sexy as it sounds) right about now.

We’ve all expected Watch Dogs 2. But what would you like from Watch Dogs 2? Hopefully it makes as big a leap as Assassin’s Creed did from the first to second games. Unlike that series though, let’s hope it doesn’t become yet another annualised franchise.

Last Updated: April 30, 2015