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rAge was awesome this year. It felt like there was a ton of extra room for navigating the venue, which suited me just fine. There was also lots of playable code for games that haven’t been launched yet, something I felt many previous years lacked. Feel like reliving the event in 4 minutes? I’ve put together some footage I snapped while running around The Dome like a madman.

My (camera) shooting and editing skills are far from decent, but I’m hoping the video will at least stir some good memories you may have from the event. Here it is in all its amateur goodness.

If for some reason you can’t watch, it’s basically just a montage of some of the expo’s highlights; the games, the stores, the eSports, and of course, you, the people. Sadly, the Cosplay footage I snapped wasn’t that great, so I couldn’t include it. Thankfully, we had another, better photographer running around, who captured most of it in all its glory.

What was your highlight of the weekend? As much as I enjoyed the expo, I loved hanging out with the community even more at our post rAge meet up. I can’t wait to eat some amazing burgers again next year with you crazy lot!

Oh, and do you like the backing track? I do! Huge thanks to regular reader Kikmi for letting me use it. Be sure to check out his other stuff right here.

Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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