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Watch PlayStation Now in action

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PlayStation Now is Sony’s appropriation of the Gaikai Cloud-streaming service it acquired from David Perry in 2012. It will, eventually, allow users to stream PlayStation 1, 2 and 3 games from any supported device, without the need for intermediate console hardware. It promises to revolutionise how games are delivered. It’s in closed Beta right now..and here’s some leaked, terrible footage of it in action.

Looking very much like the PlayStation Network Store’s UI, the PlayStation Now allows those in the beta to launch and play any of the available games. Here’s YouTuber Matthew Jones.running Killzone 3 from the magical cloud.

For those of you without video access, it takes quite a while for it to get going, and it’s two minutes before the game is playable. Here;’s the breakdown, via Dualshockers.

  • Authorizing: 8 Seconds
  • Testing Connection: 15 seconds
  • Loading Game: 21 seconds
  • Further Loading on Black Screen: 32 seconds
  • Warning Splash Screen: 4 seconds
  • Setting up Trophy Data: 12 seconds
  • Sony Splash Screen and Loading Animation: 25 seconds

Honestly? That’s not too bad – but it has to be said that this is under pretty favourable conditions. Mr jones presumably has a fast enough line (higher than 5.5Mb/s), and certainly lives within proximity to the PlayStation Now datacentres. As the service is also still in beta, the number of users and pressure on the network is about as low as its ever going to be. Sony could yet end up speeding the whole process up.

I’m not convinced, however, that PlayStation Now will ever be functional in South Africa. Without a server really close by, we’d be looking at 300ms of latency in one direction. Games that require any sort of reaction-time will be entirely unplayable,

Last Updated: July 7, 2017

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