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Watch the reveal for Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate right here!

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Let’s face it; Unity wasn’t that great las year. The Parisian setting was one that I had personally been hoping the series would explore, but the end result was a bland, boring and technical mess. Thankfully, Victorian England sounds just as fascinating, so will we see Ubisoft rise to the failings of last year with Syndicate.

Maybe, but we won’t know for sure today. What we will know, however, is a little bit more about a game that was leaked nearly half a year ago – but one that has somehow managed to stay relatively under wraps until then. Ubisoft is set to debut their new core entry into their money printing franchise ahead of E3, and you can watch it via the livesteam at exactly 18:00 local time.

What we do know about the game so far is that it’ll be set in dark, dreary Victorian England, with a rumoured pair of protagonists. brother and sister, Jacob and Evie, will allegedly both feature as playable, with missions requiring specific use of either. In more speculative news, there is suggestions that you’ll have to switch between the two mid-mission – which would certainly be a new, interesting mechanic to mess around with.

The game is also suspected to be exclusive to current-gen hardware, namely PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Don’t expect too much though, as I suspect Ubisoft will keep a lot of details sealed for E3 next month. Let us know what you think of the reveal down below.

Last Updated: May 12, 2015

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