Watch these brutal Mortal Kombat X fatalities

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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m more excited for next Year’s Mortal Kombat X than I’ve been for any games in the series since perhaps the second one. It’s fast and fluid, and seems more balanced than anything NetherRealm (or Midway!) has done before. While I’m enthusiastic about its fighting refined mechanics, many still just love Mortal Kombat for its brutality and gore. Here then, are some fatalities.

In an hour long Twitch Stream, NetherRealm showed off a ton of the game, and if you have the time, you can watch the whole thing here. If you just want the grisly goods though, here are the excised videos showing off some of Scorpion and Quan-Chi’s fatalities.

Here’s Scorpion’s:

For those of you without video, what your favourite inferno hell ninja does is throw a fireball that burns a hole, right through  Sub Zero’s chest, exposing his still beating heart. As the ice ninja drops to his knees, Scorpion walks up to him, pulls out his sword, and slices his face right off. That then slides down, revealing his brain, and twitching tongue. It’s kinda gross. And kinda awesome.

Here’s Quan-Chi’s:

Your favourite bald Netherrealm necromancer uses telekinesis on a sword, which flies straight in to Kotal Khan’s mouth. Continuing the use of telekinesis,  Quan-chi keeps the blade in place, but uses his powers to raise Kahn, slicing him in half on the stationary blade., and then dropping him right back on it for an embarrassing end, exposing viscera and pools of blood. Eww.

The game’s out in April next year – though I care less for fatalities than I did in my youth. My brain is too old to remember all of the fatalities for each character anyway.

Last Updated: November 6, 2014

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