Watered down Black Ops for ze Germans

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Alright local, South African gamer: whenever you feel slightly inclined to moan about our government, spare a thought for countries like Australia and Germany, which are governed by overtly sensitive nannies who feel it their duty to protect the populace from the horrors of videogames. At least our government is too busy worrying about lining their own pockets or gagging Youth League presidents to acknowledge games are even sold here. Whew!

The latest game to suffer at the hands of the German censorship board of fascist know-it-alls (or should that be “no-it-alls”? Homonym LOL!)  is Call of Duty: Black Ops. Treyarch’s newest entry into the enduring and madly popular COD series has had to be censored, cut and snipped in areas so as to make sure it doesn’t offend the sensitive masses.

A prisoner torture scene has been removed and slow-motion blood splattering has been toned down. “Anti-constitutional symbols” (read: Nazi paraphernalia) have been removed so we’re guessing you’ll be fighting Soldier Zombies and not Nazi Zombies if you’re German. The kicker, however, is the removal of the song “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones because it has World War references in the lyrics. Seriously?

Note: this is JUST the German release that is getting censored, before you all start ranting in the comments section about how gamers the world over have to suffer because one country is against stuff.

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Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: October 5, 2010

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