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‘We need new consoles’, says Ubisoft CEO

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This is too damn Long street!

While the majority of us have enjoyed having a longer than usual console cycle, there are of course, those of us who think that it’s time for a change in systems. Amongst those people who believe that the current generation has been around for too damn long, is none other than Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot.

“The transition has been very long,” Guillemot said to Polygon, talking about how the gaming industry had become accustomed to the five year cycle of previous generations.

We need new consoles and at the end of the cycle generally the market goes down because there are less new IPs, new properties, so that damaged the industry a little bit. I hope next time they will come more often.

Guillermot then spoke about how shifts in hardware at such times also allowed developers to “take more risks and do different things”, a contrast to the usual array of games that appeared near the end of a console generation, as publishers were unwilling to take a risk on such new ideas.

Everybody who is taking risks and innovating is welcome because there are lots of hardcore gamers and those guys want new things, where the mass market will be more interested in having the same experience.

It’s not aware as much of what is going to change its experience. So, the beginning of the machines is always a good time for innovation.

Ubisoft isn’t exactly the first developer or publisher that is looking forward to seeing some new hardware from the remaining big two in the industry, as the past year has seen a gradual slip in retail sales due to various reasons.

Could a new console generation give gaming a welcome boost? Absolutely, but it’s also going to cost my bank account a few lives in the process, something that I’ve been thankful to avoid in this current gen.

Last Updated: November 26, 2012

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