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I know, your memories of rAge are slowly fading as we race towards the end of the year. However, one of my highlights at rAge is always chatting to our local indies. I already gave you a rundown of who would be there – I didn’t get to chat to everyone, but I took to the floor and interviewed some of our awesome local game developers.

Thanks to our awesome new reporter mic, you can actually hear me and the people I spoke to. Check it all out:

For those who don’t watch videos, Ruan from Free Lives talked about the awesome but crazy and intense year for Broforce, while the incredibly cool Chris Bischoff promised to light cigars with all his extra money*. It was wonderful to see all the diverse characters who are making games in South Africa and even better to get my hands on them during rAge.

We also sat on a well lit couch and spoke to the really rather cool Nick Hall. He doesn’t make games. Instead, he makes associations, like Make Games SA, which helps developers make games. He has helped to make wonderful changes to local legislation, and there are more wonderful things on the horizon. He also says that you can help support local gaming by buying local games, or getting involved in making those games. Check out the interview for more.

Did you play the local games at rAge? What did you think of their stand? I found it a bit less welcoming than last year (probably due to positioning, or that I went there after Mortal Kombat), although there were still some cool things to play. Were you impressed, or were you only at rAge for the AAA titles?

*This is an absolute joke, please don’t hate me or Chris for joking about his ridiculously successful Kickstarter.

Last Updated: October 20, 2014

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