We stalk and interview Mike Bithell

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GC Zoe with Mike Bithell

After playing Thomas Was Alone last year, you guys know I developed something of a fangirl crush on Mike Bithell. His game was awesome and one of my favorite gaming experiences of the year. While most of my stalking has been limited to the normal stuff like twitter following, it culminated today when I tracked him down and had a really rather awesome chat on camera.

Seriously, just check out my epic stalking skills as I attempt to locate Mike in the ridiculously large and confusing conference center:

He was surprisingly cool about the whole hunting him down thing and we had a really awesome chat about random stuff. Of course I was also messaging Matthew and Geoff to come through and meet him and film this glorious video interview where you can learn about synergizing the pushing of the envelope.

Really though, it made my Gamescom to chat about Thomas Was Alone, to hear about how successful indies can be thanks to the love being shown them by major players. It’s all quite inspiring and made me stupidly happy. Mike Bithell’s Volume will be something completely different to Thomas Was Alone, but still made by the same talent.

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I can’t wait to see more of the gameplay. It’s awesome that Mike doesn’t need a publisher, that he can work on the game until it’s where he wants it to be – no rushed deadlines or lack of polish. He is an absolute charmer and a gentleman and I can happily return home having landed this interview. Again, if you still haven’t played Thomas Was Alone, go read my review about why you need to.

Then go throw money at Mike Bithell by buying his awesome game so that he can carry on creating games that we all want to play.

Last Updated: August 14, 2014

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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    *takes notes*

  • CAE9872

    Seems like a nice enough fella.

  • Admiral Chief Beta Tester

    Mike, what a character!

  • Sith JJ

    Hey Zoe, looks like your Photoshop skill is finally getting better 😉

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      lol oh you.

  • Gareth L (That eXCheez Guy)

    Thank you Zoe, that was excellent. 😀

  • Sk3tz0


  • Rags

    Talking about Indies, hope you guys can sneak into the Star Citizen event!

    Anyway, he seems like a very cool guy. Happy for his success.

  • Ryanza

    “you can fucking swear” I love Lazygamer. Zoe is the best.

  • Hammersteyn

    I had a stalker once…………. I lie, I have nothing

  • GooseZA

    Zoe must have been working her charms on him coz I swear he says “breast conference” at 0:39?

    Seems like a really nice guy 😀

    • Sageville

      i did notice he was trying very hard to avoid eye/boob contact…

      Still, he seems like a guy I’d have plenty of time for.

  • Sageville

    Zoe Stalker Level: MAXIMUM!

  • Lulz, I followed this whole thing with awe and a bag of popcorn. I was expecting the cops to show up, I obviously called the wrong Cologne…

  • “Me Too” BWAHAHAH! Cool guy.

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