Wear your Dragon Age Origin Armour in Mass Effect 2

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Apparently this was revealed previously but I obviously missed the memo which makes this exciting new news for me.

Bioware are offering some awesome Blood Armour as a reward for buying their upcoming Dragon Age Origin from the shops instead of waiting for a used copy to wing it’s way around to you.

However offering a little DLC isn’t really newsworthy, what is though is that this self same DLC will also be used in another upcoming blockbuster, Mass Effect 2.

That’s just cool and is possibly the first cross game DLC that we have seen in this generation, granted the armour doesn’t really look the same in both games and you are most probably just downloading 2 different sets of armour but the idea is nice and getting free stuff for just buying the game is never a bad thing.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: October 9, 2009

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