Weirdest game of the show – Innergy

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I’m not sure if we can really call this a game or not, actually the closest thing I can think to call it would be a breathing simulator.

Yes this strange collection of bytes helps you to breathe correctly. To do this you stick the Innergy finger adaptor thing on your finger and it measures your heartbeat.

This is different to the Wii vitality sensor unveiled last year but I am not really sure how…

Anyway so you have this thing on your finger and then you see the following screen. InnergyScreen

Now the idea is that when your little ball thing is on an incline you need to breathe in steadily and try to keep it in the middle blue line, then on the decline you breathe out steadily again keeping it in the blue line.

That’s it… that is all there was to it and the idea is that this will help you destress and re-align your body.

To be fair it is just an electronic form of meditation which has been around since time began and is generally accepted as a great way to destress. So it’s not like I think the game is stupid, it’s just the weirdest gaming related thing I saw at E3 and had to share.

Innergy is being released by Ubisoft and as far as I could tell is only coming to the PC.


Last Updated: June 21, 2010

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