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“We’ll figure out” how to make free-to-play AAA work” says Crytek

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So what exactly does the future hold for the traditional gaming model? If some analysts are to be believed, then we’re headed for a market that deals in freemium games, titles which hook people in with a core, free game, and then go for the kill with some premium content that you’ll be paying for.

Can that model work? Crytek certainly believes so, as they’re gambling their entire future on going free to play.

Speaking to The Guardian, Crytek boxx Cevat Yerli explained how the studio was aiming to deliver a AAA single-player game game, a move that would be hugely beneficial to the industry, he believes. “We’ll figure out how to make a game like Crysis 3 work,” Yerli said.

If the proposition is, the gamer gets the games for free, well, that’s better for the gamer. And what’s best for the gamer is best for the industry. Customers have to put up with all this crap right now, legal notices, copyright protection. The best way to get rid of all that is go free.

The gamers get what they want – free access – and if your game is good enough you can hook them in, whether that’s a single-player game, or multiplayer, or co-op, or an RPG, an RTS, or Fifa, or whatever, it really doesn’t matter.

For every game you can find a solution. For every single one of them. It’s a creative challenge, nothing else.

Makes sense, don’t you think? It’ll certainly cut down on piracy, because if everyone is getting a free taste, then not everyone is going to find it necessary to thieve away. Crytek currently has an upcoming social platform game to kick off the free to play festivities called GFace, that will have Warface as the flagship title.

Last Updated: July 3, 2012

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