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We’re covering all the E3 events live

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Last year at E3 we ran into the unexpected situation that none of the main events at E3 had WiFi access, so this year we’ve sent Geoff and Ian scurrying to find some portable Internet so that we can stream all the main events live.

So add these times into your diary and come back to the site at that time to see what is being announced as it’s being announced.

Monday 6th June – 17:45 – Microsoft

Monday 6th June – 19:15 – EA Games

Tuesday 6th June – 23:15 – Ubisoft

Wednesday 7th June – 02:00 – Sony (Yes, that’s AM)

Wednesday 7th June – 17:45 – Nintendo

All these times are subject to change if we or they screwed up but hopefully they are pretty solid now, the links won’t work until the time comes about either so just favourite this post or each of the links and come back when it’s time.

If all goes according to plan you will be able to ask questions as the live blogging is happening so remember to fire away and make these two work for their trip.

Last Updated: June 6, 2011

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