Were Infinity Ward trying to join a new publisher?

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Modern Warfare 2

So we are still waiting on something official to be announced by Infinity Ward or Activision but as we sit now this is what we know or have seen being rumoured.

[Activision have broken their silence and confirmed point 1 below, however no reason has been announced as yet]
  1. Jason West and Vince Zampella have both been fired.
  2. Infinity Ward is currently in lock down
  3. Infinity Ward hasn’t been paid a cent for royalties.
  4. Jason and Vince were talking to other publishers for after their contracts ended in October
  5. It wasn’t EA they were talking to

It’s point 4 that really gets me thinking, obviously Activision would be hugely upset if their star studio decided to up shop and move over to Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft or Sony…

And that would also explain the litigation statement we saw yesterday as I am pretty sure it would be against their contract to talk to other publishers while still under contact with Activision.

Source: BingeGamer

Last Updated: March 3, 2010

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