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We’ve got 4 Project X movie hampers to give away

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Our sister site, www.themovies.co.za, is running another competition and this time it’s for the party movie of all time. Project X.

Now I remember being younger and my parents leaving me in charge and I experienced a similar outcome. Granted the guy with the flame thrower wasn’t around but we did lose most of our crockery and I still have no idea who that guy was who was sleeping in the bushes in the morning.

Thankfully nothing to serious was destroyed and my dad got his revenge by making me hang a ceiling in the morning. Nothing says “You’re an idiot” better than being forced to hang upside down driving nails into the ceiling right by my ear for a few hours with the most mammoth hangover ever experienced.

But I digress, if you want to win a Project X hamper and help our sister site grow then simply click here to enter. It’s really as simple as that.

Last Updated: March 6, 2012

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