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What are acceptable reasons to pause Multiplayer games?

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I love playing LoL, mostly because there’s no pause option. Don’t start a game if you can’t commit to the time it’s going to take to complete it. Sure, sometimes life happens, but most of the time people pause for no good reason. So, what excuses would you deem acceptable?

Much worse than a kill steal, this pic shown off over on Dota Talk seems like a valid excuse to pause a Dota game:

Dota thief

Okay, so having a theif in the house is a valid excuse. But what if the player has spawned human minions? Are crying babies an acceptable reason to pause? We all have real lives outside of a game, and yet we enter into games with others to escape and enjoy entertainment together. Pausing certainly ruins that immersion, not just for the person pausing, but for all the people trying to enjoy a multiplayer experience. What have been your reasons for pausing or going AFK, or do you only leave in the case of a home invasion?

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Last Updated: November 18, 2013

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