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What is the big Sony announcement that the Internet is raving about?

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According to the rumours Sony are about to make a huge global announcement tomorrow about something… Obviously this instantly gets everyone into a frenzy about a possible PS3 price cut and that does seem to be the most obvious answer.

There has already been leaked proof that the PS2’s price is being dropped to $99 in the US and the idea of slashing prices across the board seems entirely feasible.

However with the PS3 currently costing $399 in the states how much would Sony need to slash the price by to make it a truly compelling purchase for the mainstream gamers out there?

The other rumoured option is that Sony will be releasing a new browser with extra online content which possibly sounds like the poorest “Global Announcement” around and if true would make this Sony’s Pac-man debacle…

My money is on the announcement revolving around a new exclusive title for the PS3 as I can’t see them announcing a price drop after GDC and 2 months before E3, it wouldn’t give them enough of a PR blow in my mind.

Only time will tell though and we will be sure to update you as soon as something solid is announced.

Source: Smarthouse

Last Updated: July 29, 2020

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