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What massively popular title do you despise?

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The gaming industry is a huge and varied thing and we have games ranging from cooking simulators to flesh eating gore fests. So it’s obvious that there are a lot of games out there that won’t appeal to you and that’s fine. But are there any really popular titles that actually annoy you with their simple existence?

I am not a fan of The Sims, I think the idea is stupid and boring but I’m not irritated it exists. Lots of people find the games fun and it causes me no harm so I can even write about the upcoming expansion packs and the like.

Then you have trading card games that I don’t get and can’t even write about because I simply don’t understand the fascination with them at all. They just have no point in my mind but again they don’t irritate me.

However there is one franchise out there that gives me a physical headache when I read about it. I literally get upset seeing a trailer or listening to people drone on about it. It’s stupid and yet it is one of the most popular games on the planet.

I’m talking about the evil that is Pokemon… seriously look at this new trailer released 2 days ago showcasing some gameplay… in 2 days it’s received over a million hits but it’s complete and utter garbage. I hate it.

Now I’m not saying that everyone else should hate it… just that everyone with a bit of common sense and taste should… but even that’s not the point.

I realise my reaction is actually a little insane over this game and I was wondering if I’m totally alone here. Or is there a game, franchise or style that gets you hot under the collar?

Last Updated: May 16, 2013

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