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What type of maps would you like to see in Modern Warfare 2?

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Infinity Ward are going all out at the moment to ensure that the fans have a big say in exactly how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is going to turn out.

Previously they asked us what is the one thing that we would like to see in MW2 and the surprising answer was the ability to choose your own camouflage… and who says the community aren’t original…

Anyway not to be perturbed Infinity Ward has once again turned to the community and this time they want to know what type of map do you want to see in MW2?

Currently the top nominations are

    • Random Weather for every map (maybe even set by that regions current weather)
    • Free map packs… <—someone isn’t getting the point here
    • A Snow level
    • A forest level
    • A totally dark level

There are some interesting options there, I really hope the totally dark level never makes it into the final version but an icy landscape sounds awesome and forests would be pretty cool as well.

If you would like to join in then get yourself a Twitter account and post a twit at #mw2 with your suggestion. You can see the suggestions in real time and vote for them here, or more importantly you can vote down the option for a totally dark level.

If you have any great ideas please feel free to leave them here as well.

Last Updated: March 24, 2009

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