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What worries me about SimCity

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Earlier this week I posted my feelings on the SimCity beta and all in all I am absolutely in love with the title and can’t wait for the game to be fully released, but it’s not perfect and there are some real worries about the game that I have.

So in no particular order, here is my list of worries about SimCity that I hope  will be addressed before the game is released

Permanent Online Connection

Easily the biggest complaint around SimCity is that you need a permanent online connection for what was always a single player title. EA have stated on numerous occasions that this SimCity is going to be a social experience and is meant to be played with others online with you interacting with other players.

That’s all good and well but SimCity is mainly a single player game and one that I would turn to if my Internet is playing up or the perfect title to relax on holiday with during a rainy day when I have no Internet.

It’s a bad idea from EA and they should sort it out before release.. but they won’t

Tiny Cities

The city size in the beta was minute and according to all reports that I can find this isn’t going to change. The current map size per city is 2km x 2km, so 2  kilometres square. As a comparison the greater Johannesburg Metropolitan area is a mere 1645 square kilometres.

Obviously the game cannot match real life dimensions but the 2×2 does seem really miniscule.

Side Quests

SimCity was always known as a single player city building experience but now for the first time we will be given side quests in the game that will help with extra cash and other nice additions to the game.

This will either be a great addition that will keep us addicted to the game forever or it’ll be a constant annoyance much like the side quests in GTA IV.

You need to pay more to get the full game

In a spine chilling move EA have decided to offer the normal game for R360 and then a deluxe edition for R520 which will include extra city sets to customise your city… I don’t like this at all

Multiple City Management

The big change in SimCity is that you can now really trade and share a huge array of services between cities which is a great addition… but it could also become overly confusing and take away the fun of micro managing a city.

This we’ll just have to wait and see

That’s all the complaints and worries I have right now about SimCity, I’m still expecting the title to be a solid return of one of my favourite titles of all time.

Last Updated: January 31, 2013

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  1. pontifexa

    January 15, 2014 at 00:44

    Not really, no. See, you square the unit as well as the distance…

    So 2 km x 2 km = 2^2 km^2 = 4 square kilometers.

    But the real answer in this case is what Overlord Geoff stated below: kilometres square is not the same as square kilometres.


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