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So what’s the “Cloaked in Silence” DLC for Metal Gear Online all about?

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Cloaked in Silence DLC Metal Gear Online

If you’ve played and loved Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (I know I enjoyed it), then you’ve no doubt gone beyond the single player, and dived straight into its online component. Metal Gear Online is definitely the place to be if you’ve exhausted every main mission and side op in the game’s lengthy campaign, and are keen for more Snake on Snake action… er… I mean multiplayer shenanigans! It’s been out on all platforms for quite a while now – even on PC, which received the update at the beginning of this year.

Regardless of what you’re playing it on, it’s safe to say that you’ve now spent a fair amount of time either shooting friends in the face, or fultoning them into space (hey that rhymed). The game has some interesting multiplayer for sure, but as is the case with most titles these days, the experience wears thin after a while.

If you find that fatigue is starting to set in, there is some sort of solution at least. Metal Gear Online has a bit of DLC called ‘Cloaked in Silence’ (here it is on Steam for example, if you’d like to check it out). It comes packed with some extra goodies to revitalise the online experience somewhat.

New Maps

What’s DLC without a bunch of new playgrounds? Nothing I say! Here’s what new maps ship with ‘Cloaked in Silence’ – they should all be somewhat familiar if you’ve played the Metal Gear Solid V campaign.

Coral Complex

A dedicated Mother Base environment, allowing players to access tall towers, use storage containers and other internal areas as cover for tactical advantage. Coral Complex mixes open areas and a myriad of hiding opportunities.

I wasn’t too fond of the Mother Base sections in Metal Gear Solid V. Navigating those platforms, or flying to others just to get something done, was to me, an absolute headache. Using the giant rig as a multiplayer map however, could prove to be quite fun actually.

That’s exactly what Coral Complex is. It a smaller Mother Base, akin I suppose, to what yours may have looked like in the early parts of the single player campaign.

Coral Complex

Rust Palace

Set within Afghanistan, the Rust Palace is a large multi-level building. The skeletal nature of the decrepit ruin means that cover is scarce, and the internal areas are rich in dusty rooms and high-up sniping positions.

Rust Palace should look immediately familiar, especially if you’ve completed the Metal Gear Solid V campaign. It features in several main missions (including the pivotal last one – OMG SPOILERS), as well as various side ops.

As a Multiplayer map, it promises chaos too. The indoor setting will no doubt provide some hectic close quarters combat, and outside, long ranged skirmishes between snipers.

Rust Palace

Azure Mountain

An outdoor plain under Africa’s baking sky. A small cluster of buildings offers scant cover, with only derelict walls and occasional scrubland surrounding the massive rock known locally as the Cradle of Spirits.

This locale should look familiar too. Azure Mountain appeared as the Ditadi Abandoned Village in the main Metal Gear Solid V campaign. As a multiplayer map, it looks like a playground with plenty opportunity.

Those who secure the high ground gain an unbelievable visual advantage – they can see around them for miles. That little stretch of rock however, isn’t too big, and can very easily be bombed by attackers below thanks to several key mortar placements.

Azure Mountain

A New Special Character

One interesting feature found in Metal Gear Online is the ability to take control of iconic characters. In the default package, players can take control of either Venom Snake or Revolver Ocelot, both of which have their own unique loadouts.

You didn’t think this DLC was called ‘Cloaked in Silence’ for nothing, did you? It brings with it, a brand new character to the multiplayer arena – the ever so quiet, er, Quiet.

A legendary sniper who can fire a rifle with excellent accuracy, Quiet’s movement speed is extremely fast and allows unique jumping abilities over high steps where normally a player would need to climb a ladder. She can also temporarily cloak while sprinting to activate a boost in movement speed.

Remember how nifty and fast she was in the game’s main campaign? Imagine having that at your disposal in Metal Gear Online!

Though, Quiet does have weaknesses for sure. To keep things balanced, she doesn’t fare to well with CQC for example – her abilities are limited in that regard. No, she’s best used from afar. Or if players are brave enough, they can use her to zip in and out of skirmishes for maximum disruption and confusion.


And yeah, that’s the ‘Cloaked In Silence’ DLC in a nutshell really! If you’re interested in picking it up, it’ll cost you around R55-60, depending on your platform of choice.

Last Updated: April 15, 2016

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