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What’s coming next year and who is going to win?

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Maybe it’s a bit early to already be looking into the next year but I came across a posting on Videogamer.com this morning that has Microsoft talking about their awesome line up for next year, or actually not talking about. Just letting us know that it will be great.

So while 2008 has once again been one of the best years for videogamers ever what does 2009 hold for us?

From the PS3 point you instantly think of Killzone 2, Heavy Rain and maybe Gran Turismo and from the 360 point you hope for Alan Wake and honestly that is all that jumps to mind when I think of the exclusives.

Resident Evil is coming and that is going to be awesome, the Halo series doesn’t do it for me right now and Duke Nukem Forever would just be a silly thing to put up.

From the Wii side we are all still waiting on the next Zelda and some more party games… I would kill for a new Super Mario Galaxy though.

From a quick scan forward it looks like the PS3 has the upper hand moving into next year, obviously all the gaming companies are claiming they have surprises in store but until we see them we can’t count them.

Last Updated: November 4, 2008

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