What’s the point of the Rooks in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate?

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ACS rooks

I always like having a base and a crew in a game. I know it’s silly, but it appeals to my desire to be a leader or something, especially if I’m going against the current big bad evil authority. It’s why I loved the Suikoden franchise and why Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood had such an appeal for me. Now, the Rooks from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate seem poised to fill that gap in my life.

Over on the UbiBlog, there’s a whole bunch of new info about the Rooks, the gang that the Frye twins grow and control in the game. They are sounding a lot like the brotherhood from Assassin’s Creed II, but with a whole lot more customization:

The Rooks are an extra blade in a fight. They’re the guns watching your back while you ride around the city. They are distractions when you need to slip through an area unnoticed. So what can the Rooks do for you? Pretty much anything. You can even unlock the Little Rooks upgrade to get special deliveries like resources, money and ammo from the children of London.

Both Evie and Jacob can command the Rooks and depending on how far you’ve upgraded your leadership ability, you’ll be able to order five of them around at a time. You can also upgrade and train the rooks themselves, getting them up to level 9, so they’ll be rather beefy when you bring them into battle. Plus, there are some cool ways to bring them into battle.

If you have more than one Rook, one will sit up in the driver’s seat with you and the others will climb into the back. You can also pile your Rooks onto a fire engine and tear through the city. This is especially cool if you want to drive that fire engine straight into enemy territory and let the Rooks do their thing. It’s also nice to have an extra hand riding shotgun with you in case you attract any unwanted attention while you’re on the road. Your Rooks can help keep enemies occupied while you focus on navigating the streets of London.

Drive my firetruck of pain into enemy territory? Sounds like a plan to me! There are a bunch of ways to upgrade your Rooks, from helping them sabotage enemy weaponry to building up a shell company. That’s quite a savvy gang you can build. I just hope I can recruit random people on the street to join my gang and build my base up – that sort of thing makes me far too happy.

Last Updated: October 7, 2015

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