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Where did our Saints Row 2 DLC go?

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Early last week I received an email from a concerned reader who had gone out and purchased Saints Row 2 on the PS3 and then had attempted to download the DLC that goes with it only to find it AWOL.

While I have to admit we don’t know if it was ever there he was pretty sure it was and now was a little frustrated that he couldn’t enhance his experience.

After a couple of emails to Volition and THQ we received a response from Jodie from THQ. According to Jodie

“A short term solution for the user is to have them create a new username and PSN that is set to a country where we do have DLC avail (such as the UK). FYI that the pricing in the store will reflect the regional currency (i.e. the UK store pricing is in British pounds). Meanwhile, Volition is looking into what steps they can take to make the DLC avail in South Africa’s store.”

So basically all you will need to do is create an English user and download it from there without any hassle.

It’s a simple enough solution but it does raise questions as to who controls what is shown on our local PSN and why isn’t the DLC available through the game itself?

You would think the developers would just add a menu item to the game to enable you to download the DLC more easily?

[Update] As Charles has rightly pointed out this method won’t help unless you have a UK credit card to buy the DLC with. Time to get back to THQ I guess

Last Updated: July 27, 2009

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