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Where’s our STASIS review?

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Well, there’s two primary reasons why I haven’t got a review up yet for the highly-anticipated horror game from local developer Chris Bischoff and The Brotherhood, even though I’ve been plugging away at it for a few days.

The first reason is that I am a huge idiot, which doesn’t help when STASIS reveals itself to be the kind of game that will only hold your hand after it has severed it in order to solve a gruesome puzzle.

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The second reason, is that I’m an even bigger coward, and I’m downright dreading going back into the game, as STASIS happens to have the kind of psychological torment that can only be replicated by going on a lengthy road-trip with a judgemental mother-in-law.

And that’s good. That’s damned good. I can tell you now that despite the dread, despite my sheer frustration at myself for often overlooking simple solutions to what appears to be daunting obstacles in the game, that I’m enjoying STASIS. It’s a no-holds barred charmer, that wears its inspiration on its sleeve and oozes quality. It’s the kind of game that needs to be played if you’re a fan of horror.

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The kind of mind-f***ery present in STASIS is something special, something to be savoured. I’ve been trying to play it properly as well: Only at night, with headphones and the volume cranked up to the max. And trust me, there’s no other game on the market today that can deliver the kind of scare that STASIS can.

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It’s not a cheap thrill, but a proper example of shock and awe done right. And considering that I went into STASIS purposefully blind, having avoided as much footage and content as possible, I’m experiencing what may the most unsettling masterpiece of the year.

I’ll have a review up as soon as I finish STASIS. Or it finishes me.

Last Updated: August 31, 2015

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