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Who won that trip to Los Angeles with Call of Duty?

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Remember late on Friday when we posted up an incredible competition and gave you just the weekend to prove that you are South Africa’s number one Call of Duty fan to win a paid trip to Hollywood to see the million dollar Call of Duty Championship?

Well after a huge amount of discussion between Lazygamer and Megarom the winner was finally chosen and we have confirmed that he is eligible to go so we can now announce what you don’t want to hear.

Yes since we’ve confirmed with the winner already you know it’s not going to be you and we are sorry. It’s an incredible competition and nearly all the entrants had a great case going for them but we had to pick one in the end and that winner is

Ian Taygan Robertson

Congrats Ian and we really do hope you have a great time there and that you hold Darryn’s hand when it gets dark as he’s scared of the dark. He also prefers to be the little spoon.

I did mention earlier that almost all had a good case, two exceptional entries had no case at all.

Thanks to Erwin for entering the comp to prove he is the biggest Call of Duty fan by posting the 10 things I hate about Call of Duty… yeah that didn’t win the judges over. And neither did Rince’s admission that he would skip the tournament and head off to Vegas to watch strippers instead.

Hey at least you were both honest I guess.

A huge thanks to Megarom and Activision for paying for a fan to go and experience this. You really have to be impressed by their commitment to their fans; I’m not aware of any other company in South Africa that has put that much back into the community.


I have to admit that I sometimes find it very irritating that so much abuse is aimed at Call of Duty. Granted you don’t like the game for whatever reason but the fact that it’s the biggest selling game of this generation doesn’t make it bad. It hasn’t ruined any other genres and Activision really do put a lot of effort into keeping it the number one title.

It’s a solid game and while it may not be you cup of tea it’s ridiculous to think that Activision, Bobby Kotick and Call of Duty has done anything but improve the view of gaming in general and its place in the world of media.

Rant over.

Last Updated: March 20, 2013

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