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Who's bringing in the money for Ubisoft?

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Ubisoft are one of the biggest and most succesful gaming megatrons in the industry and as such it is interesting to see where they are making their money as I think it is a key indicator of where the makers of the Tom Clancy series are going to be focussing their future development.

So when they released their latest financials the first thing I did was flick down to the sales by platform page which is easily the most entertaining of the lot and I have to say I was shocked at the actual figures that came back.

So in reverse order here we go, these are the sales figures from the last 6 months…

7. PlayStation 2 (2%) – No surprise here the platform is on it’s way out
6. PSP (3%) – Quite a shocking point seeing that success of the PSP
5. PC (10%) – This is the one that shocked me, the all dominant PC only counts for 6% of sales 
4. Wii (11%) – The platform to rule all platforms only brings in 11% of the cash for Ubisoft
3.  Xbox 360 (14%) – Microsofts platform is ahead of the Wii but surprisingly not by much, only bringing in 14% of the sales for Ubisoft
2. PS3 (20%) – Ubisoft are going to be loving the PS3 seeing that it now brings in 20% of their revenue
1. DS (38%) – Imagine a time without all those Imagine games , the DS is the clear winner for Ubisoft

So if my belief is right the PS3 guys can expect better and better games to come out of Ubisoft in the future but the rest of Sony’s family are horribly unloved and the PC downturn appears to be continuing…

Last Updated: October 27, 2008

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