There is a strange sickness in South Africa – in general, people assume that because something is South African, it must be bad. Even when it’s good, people whine that it would be better if made overseas. Well, I’m sick of it! The indie scene in South Africa is growing, and we should support them where we can.

The problem with indies (internationally as well, not just locally) is that they’re hard to find. Many indie developers are one-man teams, or have limited PR ability. Often, fantastic games can fall through the cracks due to lack of promotion. So, I present you with an alphabetical list of South African developers. Be advised – this article will be updated regularly as we receive more information. I will also be doing articles on the specific developers so that you can get more in-depth understanding of the types of games they create, who they are, and how to get hold of their products – links will be updated below.

The Brotherhood Games

Toxic Bunny HD screenshot 1

Chris Bischoff of the Brotherhood Games seems to have almost single handedly pushed his game, Stasis, through the Kickstarter and Greenlight process. Based in Joburg, you can follow his progress through the Stasis webiste, or follow on twitter.

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Celestial Games

Toxic Bunny HD screenshot 1

Celestial Games has been around for years, based out of Joburg. They initially came onto the indie scene with Toxic Bunny, a game they have recently given an HD revamp. You can check out their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on twitter for more details about current projects.

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Dark Faction Games

Dark project

Dark Faction Games is a small indie based in Kimberley. They are currently working on an Android project – Dark Project. Their website/blog is updated every few weeks, or you can find them on Facebook or twitter.

Deciduous Games


Deciduous Games is a one-man studio from Richard Pieterse in Cape Town. Pieterse has recently started work at Free Lives, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing his bizarrely fascinating game, Wang Commander. You can follow his blog, or find him on twitter.

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Free Lives

Suicide mook Broforce

Free Lives are based out of Cape Town and are currently developing Brofroce. Broforce has been Greenlit on Steam and makes all of us a little too giddy. You can find Free Lives online through their website, Facebook or twitter.

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Giant Box Games

Pixel boy 1

Giant Box Games is a two man team consisting of Programmer/Designer Dominic Obojkovits and Artist/Designer David Nickerson. Obojkovits is the local developer, while Nickerson hails from Canada. Together, they have made the awesome Pixel Boy, which is currently looking for Greenlight support, so you better go vote. You can find more details on the website, Facebook and twitter.

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QCF Design

Desktop dungeons

QCF Design is an award winning development studio based in Cape Town. The alpha for their game Desktop Dungeon won an IGF award at GDC in 2011; the guys have since been taking the game through Beta towards its release. We are hoping to see the final version of the game any day now. You can find QCF on their website – they also have an official twitter account, but it’s better to follow the developers themselves.

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Lighthouse Games Studio

greed city

Lighthouse Games Studio is a local indie focused on making Xbox 360 and mobile games. I actually think their Greed City game sounds genius – it’s like Monopoly but uses your real world check-ins to help you become a property tycoon. You can check out their website, Facebook and twitter.

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Luma Arcade

The harvest 1

Luma Arcade is a Portland-based company with offices in Joburg. They are primarily a mobile game studio, with games for Android and iOS including Bladeslinger and The Harvest. You can browse through their website, or find them on Facebook, twitter and YouTube.

Made with Monster Love/The Funtastic

Cadence title

A one man studio from Cape Town, Made with Monster Love have made games such as Toward the Light and Cadence. You can find Peter at his funky blog, The Funtastic, or his official website. Also, he has twitter.

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Manikin Games

Silhouette newcover

Proudly Capetonian, Manikin Games is best known for developing Silhouette, a two player, turn-based game about killing your friend. You can check out their website, or find them on twitter.

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FleetOfOne thumb

Technically, Polymorph is an app studio more than an indie game studio – they specialize in mobile development. However, they made a game and you can get it for iOS, so I suppose that makes them indie developers. You can check out Polymorph’s website, or find them on Facebook and twitter.

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Red Dot Lab

Blazin aces

With a playable demo debuted at rAge, Red Dot Lab is breaking out on the indie scene. Their game, Blazin’ Aces, is planned for mobile release. You can find them on their website and on twitter.

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Retro Epic

A day in the woods

Retro Epic is an indie development studio that also makes games and prototypes for third parties. Their latest game, A Day in the Woods, was a big hit at rAge. You can find them through their website, on Facebook, twitter and YouTube.

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Retro Future

Zx hyperblast

These guys are behind the insanely difficult and fun zX – Hyperblast. In fact, zX is currently going for Steam Greenlight and needs your support – go vote! Find Retro Future on twitter and YouTube.

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Rogue Moon Studios

System Crash screenshot 7

The studio behind System Crash, Rogue Moon Studios is only available on their website and twitter.

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Viscera cleanup 1

Although they are mostly focused on Rooks Keep, I’m seriously interested in Viscera Cleanup Detail from RuneStorm. With a new tie-in with Shadow Warrior, these guys are making me laugh and creating cool games. You can check them out online through their website, twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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Screwy Lightbulb

South African team Screwy Lightbulb has built the game The Maker’s Eden and are looking to get it Greenlit. You can get more info on this first-person slideshow style point and click game by checking out their websiteFacebook or twitter.

SIJO Studios

A digital media company based in Cape Town, SIJO studios focuses on making games and apps, best known for Khumba The Game. You can check them out on DeviantArtPinterestFacebook and twitter.

Team Devil

Based out of Cape Town, is the team behind Xbox Live indie game Ninja Crash. Unfortunately, the XBLIG isn’t available in SA, so we can’t show them support by downloading the game. However, be sure to check out their website and follow on twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.

Tasty Poison Games

Pocket RPG Screen 01

Hailing from Cape Town, Tasty Poison is a mobile game development house with a range of games including Dig! and Pocket RPG. They have a pretty and colorful website, or you can find them on Facebook, twitter and YouTube.

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Snailboy slap

Want to feel silly? Say Thoopid out loud. These guys make games for mobile – their first game is Snailboy, which is ridiculously pretty. They are a new bunch based out of Cape Town, and they can be found on their website, Facebook, twitter and YouTube.

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Bear chuck 003

Joburg local Steven Tu is making waves in the indie scene. His game, Bear Chuck, was a big hit at rAge, and he was recently featured on Xbox South Africa’s indie podcast. You can find his website, Facebook and twitter.

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I’m sure plenty of people will be dissatisfied with this list – there will be those I have left out by mistake, or a lack of information. Please feel free to comment below or contact us directly so that we can update the list with the omission.

Last Updated: October 15, 2013

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