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Why did Microsoft impose that weird Ghosts embargo?

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Why Microsoft, WHY?

You may have noticed a lot of Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One information popping up yesterday, well that was because for some reason Microsoft decided to add an additional embargo on their version of the game that was lifted yesterday evening.

When I originally saw the document and signed it I felt a cold pit in my stomach that Microsoft knew their console was broken and was trying to gag the media to get as many pre-orders in before the news hit the media.

Then when it was confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version was running at a better resolution that feeling was confirmed. However as I detailed in my post yesterday, the longer I played with the Xbox One the less worried I became.

And now going through the Internet and reading the other sites it seems like I wasn’t alone in that feeling. Polygon has given their Xbox One Ghosts review an extra 0.5 points due to the stable framerate and now Giantbomb is also reporting that a patch is on the way to resolve some of the issues experienced using the PlayStation 4.

So PlayStation were given a solid 2 weeks lead time with resolutiongate with no journalists really being able to respond which not only makes me feel dirty but makes me question why on earth did Microsoft allow that.

Is it just blind luck that the PS4 version has frame rate issues that Microsoft weren’t aware of or is this a really clever move by Microsoft that I don’t understand?

Let me know below.

Last Updated: November 13, 2013

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