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Why do you buy Collector’s Editions?

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Digital sales of games are on the increase – along with the more nefarious act of video game piracy. It’s one of the things that’s leading publishers to include physical (and extra digital) niceties along with new purchases of games. It’s especially apparent in fancy collectors or limited editions of games; which are appended with all manner of plastic baubles, sew-on patches or in-game DLC. What is it that makes YOU want to purchase a limited edition of a game?

Thinking of the last CE editions of games that I’ve purchased; they include The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (It came with a giant dragon), and Arkham City (It came with a not-so-giant Batman) and Mass Effect 3…which came with little more than a fancy tin and some DLC (that many argue was necessary). The driving reasons I bought them, I guess, were the giant damned dragon and the Batman statue. Mass Effect 3’s CE got bought because…it’s Mass Effect -so it seems the reason I buy collector’s editions is because I’m swayed by plastic crap that just ends up collecting dust on my shelf. I’m a sucker that way. so yes, I’ve got my eye on that awesome Lootbox edition of Borderlands 2.

I’ve promised myself (and the wife) that I won’t be buying any more space-hogging CE’s – so I like the more recent tactic that publishers like Namco and THQ have started using – by offering premium Day 1 versions of games to pre-order customers at the same price as the regular versions. That strikes a nice balance between the ridiculously bounteous CE’s and the plain old vanilla editions of games.

What were the last CE’s you bought – and what is it that made you buy em? Is it the plastic junk, the fancy packaging,  cheap or free in-game content  or the warm feeling knowing you’ve got something that only tens of thousands of other people have?

Last Updated: July 31, 2012

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