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Why don't we get free stuff when we buy games? Come on South Africa!

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I saw an interesting news story showing that the popular American retailer “Circuit City” is going to be offering 1600 free Xbox Live points to anyone who buys Gears of War 2 from one of their stores.

Ok, I though, this doesn’t really apply to us South Africans so I don’t need to bother posting the news. Then it dawned on me, this is very relevant to us because I want to know why we aren’t getting cool deals like this.

As a South African, any of us have quite a large amount of stores to choose from when buying a new game for our favorite console or handheld. Some go to certain stores for a better price, or because they like the service and most, well, most probably just pick whichever is closest.

So with gaming picking up in the country and the potential for sales being huge this Christmas season, why in the hell aren’t any of them using any methods to get us to buy from them instead of their rivals.

Damn it. I want 1600 free points when I go buy my Gears of War 2, or a free keyring, or pat on the back, or something. I’m sure that you do too. Most of us have our favorite stores but if there is one that is offering something like this along with the game then you know damn straight that it will be there store that I go to when the game gets released.

C’mon local stores, when are you going to realise that we all want free stuff and you all want more sales, it makes sense doesn’t it?

Source: Xbox360Fanboy

Last Updated: October 29, 2008

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