Why I didn't get to play Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn again

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As I told you, I enjoyed playing the beta for FFXIV: Realm Reborn.  It’s fun, addictive, and beautiful. Unfortunately, I also told you about the issues with Square Enix’s account management and communication. Yeah, well, they haven’t seemed to learn anything.

Last week Wednesday I received this email:

Now, slight problem here – I’ve been playing the beta on my PS3. Oh well, just some bad admin, I figured, still excited to get playing. The days and dates didn’t make sense, though. But, lo and behold, a new email came in the very next day:

Awesome!  So I’d have the whole weekend to play! Of course, I had plans on Friday night and Saturday morning, but at least I’d get some hands-on time with FFXIV again. I was excited.

Due to an extra busy weekend, I was only able to boot up my PS3 on Sunday morning. I actually felt like a kid, imagining waking up early, making coffee and breakfast and spending the entire day playing FFXIV. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

When I went to load up the game, it would give me an error message to say the version couldn’t be verified. Over and over and over again.  Eventually, I took to Google to determine what was going on. Apparently, I would need to download the game again – the new version has a new launcher. Perhaps if I had received the correct email in time, I could have done so. Instead, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day with my slow internet to re-download and get into the game.

Ever heard of an update/patch? Or how about at least informing your players?

Since then, I found out that my problem might have been because they were restricting logins to stem the tide. Perhaps Square Enix is a victim of their own success – people wanted to get into the game again! You obviously are doing something right if people are interested, so it might be a good idea to build some more capacity, especially with the game launching at the end of this month.

I hope I get to play in Eorzea again. It’s cool and I like my character. Unfortunately, it just isn’t worth the aggravation.

Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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