Why next-gen FIFA is better

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FIFA 14 is hitting next gen tomorrow; at least for the PS4. It’ll be a launch title for the Xbox One when its released in the UK and US later this week. For those who’re already playing the latest version of the beautiful game on their current systems, is there any real reason to upgrade?

This dev-diary for the next gen versions of the game certainly seem to suggest as much. Here’s the first, with FIFA devs explaining how the next generation has enabled them to make the whole thing more immersive, thanks to more realistic and reactive crowds and stadia.

Plus, the rest of it all looks quite nice too. And here’s one that won’t end up being better on PC; that fancy Ignite engine won’t be hitting PC versions of EA sports games any time soon.

Any of you FIFA nuts ready to dip your toes in for a second, shinier version of what’s essentially the same game?

Last Updated: November 18, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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