Why so serious? Joker concept art from Batman: Arkham Origins

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Joker (9)

I may not have dug Batman: Arkham Origins much, but one thing it did do right was in the execution of a great story. A legend was born in that game, and an eternal nemesis found his calling in life. Between Batman and the Joker, the game had some great actors. And the clown prince of crime almost looked very different before his look was finalised.

Here’s a look at the designs that conceptual illustrator Wesley Burt (via GeekyTyrant) knocked out for the lethal jester. I rather like the fact that this incarnation of the Joker had a less colourful outfit:

What do you think? You prefer the more Victorian and dandy outfits? I pretty much dig the AC/DC back in black approach. Should make for some good cosplay for anyone who has that build and grin. Hint, hint.

Last Updated: May 21, 2014

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