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Why we’re not getting the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3

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Some of you are upset that you’ll have to pick up the regular, vanilla edition of Modern Warfare 3, whether you like it or not. Putting our tin-foil hats on, we suspected this may have something to do with the Hardened Edition’s inclusion of Elite service itself – and that some facets of the service won’t be functional or supported in South Africa. We contacted the game’s local distributor, who served to confirm our suspicions.

“The Hardened edition of COD includes a year’s subscription to the Elite premium (paid) service. However because of legalities surrounding tournaments issuing cash prizes there are certain laws that are still being negotiated with,” our local representative Devon Stanton told us. It’s the same bunch of bureaucracy that outlawed online casinos and made it just that little bit harder for bums to make a living playing online poker from the comfort their armchairs. With the Elite service unable to offer the cash (and other) tournament prizes to local players, there’s another set of laws that come in to play : The Consumer Protection Act.

“The aim here” Stanton assures us “is to ensure that gamers get what they pay for and we’re avoiding any cases where they’re paying for something they’re not going to be getting.” If the product doesn’t do everything it says on the box, you can be sure there’ll be a storm of litigation in the name of Consumer Protection. 

Don’t be disheartened though; it doesn’t mean that rather expansive Call of Duty Elite service won’t be available at all. Once all the legal wrangling is done and Call of Duty Elite will launch in South Africa, tailored to local laws. Any of you who’ve dealt with government know what a right pain that can be – so it unfortunately means that Call of Duty Elite, in South Africa at least, will miss Modern Warfare 3’s launch date.

Last Updated: September 19, 2011

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