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On Friday I was invited to a press preview event for the upcoming Thief title. It’s been 10 years since the last one was released and it is just one of those titles that has stood the test of time with people still talking about the series in hushed tones… but I had no interest in it.

Yes it’s true. I’ve known the game was coming for ages and I’ve been in many meetings where the game has come up and I have honestly not had any interest in it. Not because I thought it looked or sounded bad but simply because the original series wasn’t anything I ever really got into.

So I headed to the media event with a bit of a sulk as I couldn’t send anyone else and it was going to fall to me to write about this title if it was any good… and holy cow is it good. From not even being on my radar to sitting right at the top in one quick evening.

Thief is a solely single player title where you take on the role of a master thief by the name of Garrett and then you are let loose in a beautifully gothic free roaming world. Your main weapons are your trusty kick-ass bow and a blackjack (not the weed; the thing you klap people with).

Your bow and arrow is a lot more than just a long range weapon though. You can equip you arrows with a number of different heads such as the water arrow to snuff out flames, the fire arrow to do exactly the opposite and the jagged-tipped arrow for headshots through helmets to name but just a few.


The game’s odd choice to show your empty hands in your field of view, when not using the bow, works wonders in creating that sense of vulnerability while immersing you into the game. You are a thief and not a fighter so you are going to want to be smart about how you approach things and going headlong at some guards is rarely going to work in your favour. But throwing a bottle to distract a guard and then taking him from behind is a sure-fire route to success.

But be careful where you go from there as if you walk over the broken glass it is going to make a noise and could bring more guards to investigate. But it’s not only glass that you need to worry about; when sneaking through houses you should try and stay off the hardwood flooring and rather walk on the carpet that will dampen your footsteps. The same goes for outside. You are going to be far more successful if you walk on the grass rather than the cobblestones.

Oh and make sure you steal pretty much everything you see including paintings, cutlery and wallets as you are a thief after all.

The game is being released next month so if you haven’t done so yet make sure you get your pre-order in now. And if you love us use these handy affiliate links to Kalahari to help us pay our bills.


And if my words weren’t convincing enough then take a look at this developer walkthrough and the awesome gallery included below..

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Last Updated: January 27, 2014

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