As with just about every hugely anticipated online game, Rockstar’s GTA Online has had a somewhat troubled launch. Many, like me, couldn’t even get in to a game, some managed to play in a very laggy environment and some, poor bastards, have even had their single player saves corrupted just by trying to play.

Now obviously, with that billion dollars in sales in just three days, there are a lot of people trying to play the game and it’s only natural that the servers are being overloaded; much in the same way that the game’s iFruit companion app didn’t work for nearly a week after launch as people desperately tried to play stupid minigames with Chop.

Online issues are expected, but with the monumental sales figures and the staggered launch of the online component, you’d have imagined that Rockstar would have been able to prepare,and make sure that their systems were up to scratch. They didn’t.

What I find baffling though is that for some reason, Rockstar’s being given a free pass. Where online forums and sites raged about Diablo 3’s Error 37 for weeks, and the vitriol directed towards EA and Maxis for the Sim City launch was overflowing, yet most of the commentary you’ll find online right now about GTA Online’s issues are gentle; “Oh, it was to be expected,” and “It’s ok, it’ll all be working soon.”

Where’s that infamous internet hate? Why’s Rockstar exempt from the bile?

If you’ve been playing, tell us of your experiences. 

Last Updated: October 2, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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