Wield a troll weapon in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Okay okay, we know that Dragon Age: Inquisition will have crafting. We get it. However, some new details are making me slightly more inclined to try it, if only because I can name the unique weapons that I craft. Prepare to face me in battle as I wear my KaChing chain mail, accidental aaaaaa ring and dual wield my Dongs of Doom.

Okay, it’s up to you what you want to name your crafted goods, but there is total freedom in this regard. According to a crafting and customization Q&A, not only can you make completely unique weapons and armour, you get to name your equipment at the end. I’m sure this will be used for all kinds of penis jokes, but at least it means we’ll be trying out the crafting system, right?

If you don’t want to craft, there will be plenty of loot to pick up although you will need to manage your inventory to make room for everything. Inventory will work off of slots rather than weight, and you can power up your Inquisition to improve your inventory slots. Of course, with all those looted weapons, you will need to gauge whether it’s better to craft or loot:

It depends how you manage your crafting materials. For instance, dragon bone is one of the hardest crafting materials you can get. Do you put it into an armor slot to harden your defense? Or do you put it into an attacking slot for high damage per second? Or maybe a utility slot for a strength upgrade? Or what about a masterwork slot for a chance to cast a special attack? Powerful items like these take time, effort, and planning to create.

Players can use runes to add elemental aspects to the weapons or armour, and crafting abilities progress as the Inquisition gets stronger. You can customize your companions as well as yourself, and prepare for some casual wear as well – while at Skyhold your Inquisitor will transition into something a little more comfortable. Skyhold itself can be customized, but you won’t be crafting curtains or thrones.

Are you prepared to craft your own unique weapons and armor? What would be the ultimate name for a sword or a dagger? Are you going to turn it into a JRPG and name your fantastic sword the Masamune, or will you stick with a Western approach of Excalibur? Or perhaps you will just troll everyone and get the worst weapon possible and call it Geoff’s Trolling Blade of Lament. Meanwhile, my mage will have to kill everyone with a Fiery Wang of Herpes. I suppose this is why gear doesn’t carry over from single player into multiplayer – just imagine the awful trolling that could go on.

Last Updated: October 6, 2014

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