Will Sony release Drive Club at E3?

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Drive Club

Last year Sony released The Last of Us a day after E3 ended and that game took the world by storm and won many Game of the Year titles. Granted that’s more to do with the game being incredible rather than its release date but that doesn’t mean the release date was a bad idea.

And now according to rumours it looks like Sony may try to emulate that success by releasing Drive Club on the last day of E3 this year. Dualshockers noticed that the Dell website had listed the game for sale on the 12th of June, while Sony also accidentally listed it on their reward site for a few hours. Only released games should be listed on that site.

These both follow the Italian PlayStation magazines earlier reveal that the game will be releasing in June this year.

E3 this year will, hopefully, mark the end of the hardest 12 months for Xbox and so they are working full out to win some faith back from the gaming public. Which also means that Sony need to keep pushing if they want to secure their lead in the industry right now.

With Microsoft primed to announce a plethora of games at E3 2014 it would make sense for Sony to try make everyone forget about those games quickly by releasing their highly anticipated Drive Club at the same time. Personally I‘m more interested in The Crew than Drive Club but I think they are both targeting different markets. Which one is your most anticipated?

Last Updated: April 7, 2014

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