Witcher 3 quest designer criticises Inquisition fetch quests

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Witcher 3 won't have many fetch quests?

If there’s one thing I’ve also thought the Witcher did better than most RPGS, it’s quests. Sure, there’s padding all over the place, but most of the time side-content feels like it has a lot of meaningful weight behind it. It’s not simply “go here, pick that up and return” – something which the Witcher 3’s lead quest designer feels Dragon Age: Inquisition had too much of.

In a recent interview, CD Projekt RED Lead Quest Designer Mateusz Tomaszkiewic spoke about some of his influences when creating content for The Witcher 3. When asked about his thoughts on BioWare’s RPG epic from last year,  Tomaszkiewic criticised the games reliance on side-quests that often boiled down to boring fetch and return chores.

For my taste, it could do with less fetch quests. But it’s still a good game. Ultimately, it increases the diversity, which can never be wrong with role-playing games.

Tomaszkiewic then offered up Fallout: New Vegas as a great example of how clever quest design and atmosphere go hand in hand, and how it enriches the player’s experience. In fact, Fallout: New Vegas and Gothic are Tomaszkiewic’s favourite open-world titles, which influence his design considerably.

Well, my favourite open world game is Fallout: New Vegas. Even the monsters… There were these beasts who used to constantly tear me, what were their names again? Deathclaws. Just horrible creatures, since you could not just rush through them!

Also Gothic, an open world on a smaller scale but very well done with no scaling.

While I’m not the biggest fan of New Vegas and its story, I can’t fault the quest design the game had. Quests were heavily influenced by your standing with the games’ many factions,  mixing with a rich open-world to create a memorable setting and experience. If Tomaszkiewic has been influenced by its design, then The Witcher 3 could have an equally engrossing world to explore – and one not padded by unnecessary fetch questing.

But we’ll all have to wait until May to see just how well side content is handled, when The Wild Hunt launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Without DRM.

Last Updated: February 5, 2015

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