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Work Avoidance Wednesday: Adventure Capitalist

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It’s Wednesday, a day some people hump day for a reason that doesn’t seem to include humping. It’s time for you to play games at work and feel no guilt. Remember when I introduced you all to Cookie Clicker? Well, here’s another awesome game in the same vein.

AdCap 1

Ever dreamed of owning your own business? How about owning tons of them and making all the money in the world? Welcome to Adventure Capitalist! Well, all you need to do is click on this little bar to run your first lemonade stand. Go on, click it again. Okay, you can now afford to buy another lemonade stand, getting more money when you click. Don’t worry, you won’t need to click forever, soon you’ll afford a manager who will run the stand for you, bringing in money while you do your day job.

AdCap Managers

With a fun mix between idle game, upgrade game and obsessive clicking game, Adventure Capitalist lets you grow your fortune by investing in businesses and diversifying your assets. Besides, with bizarre names like these, it’s fun to just see what cool new thing you can unlock next.

As you grow, you unlock achievements. Unlike normal achievements that function as goal posts, these ones actually help improve your money making. Reach 25 car washes and your speed doubles; get to 50 and it doubles again. Get 125 newspaper deliveries and you start printing ads for the lemonade stand, boosting profits by 100%.

I just love the awesome idleness of it. After an initial bout of OCD clicking, the money rolls in all on its own. Come comment here, go back to your game and magically there’s more money. Even if you close the window, it will remember you and your investments, letting you pick up the game again, with tons of cash to upgrade all the things.

AdCap money

At a certain point, you might find that it’s taking too long to get more money, despite all your awesome investments. Don’t worry, you can reset the game and earn Angel investors. These help boost your future endeavours, as well as offer new things to unlock. Plus, they make getting to your goal that much faster.

Go on, embrace your inner Warren Buffet and head on over to Adventure Capitalist. Why not enjoy making money, the Cookie Clicker way?

Last Updated: August 6, 2014

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