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Work Avoidance Wednesday – Candy Box

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As a kid, didn’t you ever wish you had so much money that you could buy an entire candy shop and eat all of its stock into oblivion? I know I sure did! Look at us now, working hard, and not a single sweet shop to show. It’s sad, isn’t it? Our younger versions would be so disappointed! Not to worry though, there is still hope for us. A world of candy is a mere click away, so stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention – we’re about to embark on an epic candy quest.

Today’s Work Avoidance Wednesday game is called Candy Box. I first played it a few years ago during some particularly nasty exams. It was the perfect distraction, not requiring constant attention to be enjoyed fully.

Interested to try it at work? Good! Click here RIGHT NOW to get your candy collection started. You can thank me later! Don’t let the name fool you, Candy Box is anything but a silly game about collecting sweets.

Early days

Alright fine I lied – it’s ALL about collecting that teeth destroying stuff! There’s more to it however… much, much more! You see, there’s something of an adventure waiting to happen.

When your candy collection grows enough, a merchant will appear. Hey, he’s selling lollipops, I’ll take 2! Well, that didn’t achieve much, did it? Guess I’ll just collect more candy in the meantime.

oooh a merchant!

Oh hey I have enough candy for a wooden sword now? Cool! Hang on, why is a candy merchant selling this dangerous weapon? Pffft, like I care. Let’s go on a quest!


Awesome, I found a key! It gave me access to a new farm. A place that grows actual lollipops? Sweet! (Yes, that pun was totally intended).

lollipop farm

And the rest I’ll leave for you to figure out. Trust me, Candy Box will steal hours of your time if you let it. Part of the game is figuring out what to do next (eating candy does have a purpose I promise), and honestly, watching that silly candy and lollipop counter climb is just a teeny bit addictive.

Can you finish the game? It will take you the whole day – I guarantee it!

Last Updated: July 22, 2015

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