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Work Avoidance Wednesday: Iron Snout

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It’s been a long time since we’ve done Work Avoidance Wednesday here on Lazygamer. Would you believe me if I said we were too busy doing, oh I don’t know, actual work? Yeah, I thought not.

Believe me though, we’ve all been working ourselves sick! Master Geoff however, in all his kindness, decided to finally grant us a quick five minute break earlier… the first we’ve had in months. I used this time to chat to family and friends – to let them know that I’m still alive and well.

In that short space of time, a friend of mine, Marcello, told me all about a game he had been playing relentlessly. My curiosity tickled, I decided to check it out before I got back to the old grindstone. As it turns out, the game in question is a lot of fun!

What you’re looking at is Iron Snout – a beat em up of sorts. It’s available both in-browser and on Steam itself.

Its premise is straight forward. You are a pig, standing in the middle of a stage, and your job is to simply survive the infinite onslaught of wolves looking to turn you into bacon.

Iron Snout

The odds don’t look particularly favourable, but this little piggy just so happens to be an expert in close-quarters combat. The WASD (or arrow) keys are all you need to keep the wolf threat at bay!

Iron Snout 2

It’s easy enough, at least for the first few seconds. The wolves only come at you with cleavers initially, but before you know it, there’re chainsaws a-buzzing, and rockets flying through the air!

Iron Snout 3

Iron Snout is damn addictive. I’d love to play more of it, but unfortunately, my five minutes are up. Geoff has the whip cracking, which means I need to get back to work on the double!

Won’t you do me a favour? Play the game and avoid work on my behalf, ok?

Last Updated: April 6, 2016

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