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World of Tanks rolling onto Xbox One

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World of Tanks coming to Xbox One

World of Tanks is a, surprisingly, really popular, well designed free to play multiplayer title. It blossomed on PC, shortly after which it made it’s free debut on the Xbox 360. Anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account could get in on the tank rolling fun, and soon you’ll be able to do the exact same on the Xbox One.

Wargaming has announced that the heavyweight MMO is headed to Xbox One sometime this year. The same rules will apply. If you have a Gold subscription, you’ll be able to hop right in. There are some in-game purchases you can make to decrease the grind and upgrade, but World of Tanks is popular for a reason. It’s well balanced, so while real money will fast track progress, it won’t put you at an extreme disadvantage.

Existing players will also be able to make the transition easily, with all progress being with your account. There will also be cross-platform play between both Xbox versions, so if your friends are still stuck on the old generation you won’t have to worry about making new ones. Trust me, it’s quite difficult.

I gave World of Tanks a fairly brief go years ago when it first launched on PC, but I struggled to fall in love with it. I do, however, know a few people who still play it religiously today, so maybe it’s about time I gave it another shot. Who knows – I could end up being better at it than Dota 2. Then again, that’s not too difficult.

Last Updated: February 19, 2015

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