The biggest, most venerated MMO has been haemorrhaging players of late, with a regular and steady drop in numbers. Blizzard has added micro-transactions to try make up for the loss of income, but it’s really starting to look like the MMO’s days at the top are numbered.

According to SuperData Research, World of Warcraft made just $93 million in April this year. While it;s still a ludicrous amount of money, it;s a far cry from the $204 million earned in in September last year; a drop of 54%.

Still, it seems those microtransactions are actually helping.

“Despite major declines in total revenues between September 2012 and April 2013, the game has seen an increasing conversion rate for the its current, add-on, extra-game store, and its microtransaction revenues have held pat overall,” they say.

“What it tells us is that dedicated WoW players are interested in-and will spend money on-microtransactions.”

Still, they’re not helping enough; subscriptions are down and Blizzard would have to turn over half of the current free-to-players in to micro-transaction junkies to make the sort of money it used to. I don’t actually know anybody who still plays WoW, to be honest.

I think the era of the traditional subscription-model MMO is near its end; which makes The Elder Scrolls Online\s monthly sub a curious thing.

Last Updated: September 12, 2013

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Geoffrey Tim

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