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World record for longest gaming session broken with Black Ops 2

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These days, one can’t sit down for ten minutes to play a game without some sort of distraction present, whether it be your doddery grandfather locking himself out of the house, or those damn social services workers rocking up to demand alimony payments. It ain’t my kid dammit! I don’t know no Billy Jean! Still, some of us do get to play our games for more than an hour a day. And then you get one guy that breaks a world record in the process.

Australian sales manager Okan Kaya recently tackled the Guinness world record for longest consecutive gaming session, finishing up with a total of 135 hours of play. Now, before you wonder if Kaya played with electrodes up his entry port in order to keep himself juiced, there were some stipulations present here, due to the fact that Guinness has a no-corpse policy.

Kaya was allowed a ten minute break every hour, or the option to bundle those breaks into periods where he could grab some shut-eye. It took Kaya around five days in total to notch up the 135 hours of record-breaking, which meant that he had very little rest along the way.

Still, the weary gamer now owns a shiny and official spot in the Guinness World Record book, as well as a number 37 spot on the Black Ops 2 leaderboards. For now…

Last Updated: November 20, 2012

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